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The garbage box of a girls room

The cactus which sewed and made the leather is a handle of a paper dustcloth and an adhesion roller.
4th degree student 2013.-3

The package of sweets

4th degree student 2013-3


Aniomagic Sparkle

The classic frame to which the sooty golden holly was attached is visible to the world of magic.
The dot which shines by the monolith which came out on the frame impresses the image of SF.

This lighting gathers the surrounding sound with a microphone, and changes it into a motion of light.



Aniomagic (The touch light. )

It is the glove considered in order to
 strengthen parent and child's love. 
It uses, when parents return together
 with the small child deposited with
 the nursery school. 
If hands are joined, 
the microcomputer chip and
 LED which were connected with 
electric conduction thread into the glove will react. 

Aniomagic ( Lighting reacted to music)

Before a young woman goes to sleep,
 the scene which relaxes on a bed is imagined. 
Light blinks in response to music. 

LED with a microchip is contained
 in the cube wrapped in the fur. 
The cube of the fur has adhered with
 two magnets of +- which supplies electric power. 


Illuminations rag mat

In Japan, a visitor has the custom of taking off shoes. 
The mechanism was prepared for the rag mat in order to surprise a visitor. 
A switch will be turned on if a leg is carried on a mat, 
The character of a welcome lights up . 

4th grader 2011.

House steward hanger

The young woman who begins living alone
 has to do many housekeeping alone.
The secure house steward who supports her 
was prepared.
It is glad that a hanger is
 a house steward's image. 

The suit cloth of a pinstripe, three button, 
and a white glove are the features. 

 3rd graders work 2011.



LilyPad Arduino make report is published.



When the New Year comes, adults present children the candy and money.Usually a small envelope of paper is used called Otosidama in Japanese . It's means drop ball.It is possible to use it for the container and the ball game at a while because the fastener is attached.  .                                              .    


Kitchen garden kit

The vegitable is grown in the veranda.It aims parent and child's growing the vegetable.
This cloth was made  from cotton that was printed by her graphic design ,and accumulated by epoxy resin.
4th grader 2009



The train in the morning has atmosphere to which feelings get rough. It feels dissatisfied in the car of the same design every day.
Every day will become happy by the idea to make the strap shine.

When the strap perceives hanging on, LED shines, and it doesn't hang on, the mechanism disappearing by the automatic operation is considered.
ECO is made achievement because it lasts long by using LED.
Even if it listens to music and I do not hear the announcement, the situation of the train can be understood.

It shines in blue while running.
It becomes red at an urgent stop.
It shines in yellow while stopping the security verification etc.
The strap does the role of the signal and the fall in the car is prevented.

Various meanings can be given to the light pulse. It informs them of the emergency, and it reserves and lively of the festival is produced at party. To put out the effect of healing, the color and the operation of light can be changed. 3rd grader 2010. 


Watering can

Rain water is collected in the bucket.
It is possible to set it at the exit of the watershoot.
It is necessary to give water under the flower because it withers when water splashes directly to the petal.
It is possible to water it by inserting the nozzle under the flower.
Mosquito's breeding can be stopped by using the wire net for the lid of the bucket in summer.
3rd grader 2010


Music stand

 ・ The person who takes delight in music is occasionally painful in the practice time.
  ・ To see the same part repeatedly every day,it gets tired.
  ・ This is a proposal of the idea that uses the digitalized score.
   ・  The score additionally scrolls to the performed tempo.
  ・The image photograph of music is used for the background of the score.
  ・The sounds of musical instruments of the accompaniment flow at the same time.
  ・This model uses a digital photo frame on the market.
  ・This music stand designs the shape of ♪
   ・4th grader 2010


potato catch

There is a person who dislikes dirt of the finger with the salt and oil when it eats McDonald' potato chips. It is disliked to eat in the decorated   fingernail       It is an idea that obtains the inspiration from traditional paper folding play of the child in Jpan.            3rd grader 2010


Golden field

Rag mat where outline shines.
It was designed imaging the scene of Hayao Miyazaki's cartoon movies.
The image from Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind.
The inspiration is obtained from the scene from which Nausicaa that is damaged is wrapped in light and healed.
The outline of the thing to get on the mat shines. LED is composed by 1000 pieces and the baton switch.
Work the fourth grader 2008 year


Neck and Cuff Heater

All bodies become warm if the neck and the wrist are warmed, and the carbon film that generates heat with the battery is installed in the color and the cuff.Work of the third grader 2009.

Lighting Note

Notebook that can write a note even in dark place. Idea to take out light of LED by fiberglass, and to make them shine in coil spring.Work of the third grader 2009.