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The train in the morning has atmosphere to which feelings get rough. It feels dissatisfied in the car of the same design every day.
Every day will become happy by the idea to make the strap shine.

When the strap perceives hanging on, LED shines, and it doesn't hang on, the mechanism disappearing by the automatic operation is considered.
ECO is made achievement because it lasts long by using LED.
Even if it listens to music and I do not hear the announcement, the situation of the train can be understood.

It shines in blue while running.
It becomes red at an urgent stop.
It shines in yellow while stopping the security verification etc.
The strap does the role of the signal and the fall in the car is prevented.

Various meanings can be given to the light pulse. It informs them of the emergency, and it reserves and lively of the festival is produced at party. To put out the effect of healing, the color and the operation of light can be changed. 3rd grader 2010.